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We have a well-established programme to support transition to ensure children are well prepared and confident for the next phase of their learning journey.


Year 2 to Year 3 Transition

Moving from Infant to Junior school can create anxieties for some children and we understand that this can be a difficult adjustment.


We want all our new children to feel happy, safe and secure. The quicker they settle in, the more confident they become helping them to develop independence, and enjoy their learning. Therefore, our ‘little and often’ philosophy to transfer makes children feel relaxed about their exciting move.


Year 2 children have frequent opportunities to spend short time with us, leading up to a full day late in summer. This means that, by the time the children join us, they know us really well already!


Children who join the school at times other than September are welcome to visit the school with their parents and are given the opportunity to meet some of the children. All children have a ‘Buddy’, usually a Year 5 child, who looks out for them and offers a little extra support.


Transition Events

  • Year 2 parents Open Evening in July provides an opportunity to meet some of the WHJS team and Year 3 teaching staff
  • Handover of Child Protection/Safeguarding Information 
  • Buddies allocated in June to support children during transition and provide a familiar face on the playground in September
  • Buddy visits to Infant school for Q&A in June
  • Visit from Year 3 teachers and TAs to the year 2 children in June/July
  • KS1/KS2 Teacher liaison in June/July
  • Year 2 Junior School visit for 'Games Afternoon' in July
  • ‘Meet the Teacher’ in July - children come to the Junior School to meet their new teacher and complete transition activities 
  • ‘Welcome to Year 3’ meeting for parents in September


 Transition through the year groups at WHJS

  • Open Evenings for parents and children in July
  • Handover of Child Protection/Safeguarding Information 
  • ‘Meet the Teacher’ in July – children go to their new class and meet their new teacher and complete transition activities
  • Handover meetings between WHJS teachers discussing individual children needs
  • Year Group Information Meetings for parents in September
  • If you have any concerns about transition, whether general or specific to your child, please speak to your child’s class teacher


In-year transition

  • Handover of Child Protection/Safeguarding Information 
  • To support ‘in year’ starters, children will be matched with a buddy in their class who will show them around and make sure they have someone to play with
  • We recommend a visit once a place has been offered for parents and children to meet staff, discuss routines and become familiar with the site


Transition from Year 6 to Secondary School

The transition to secondary school is also of importance to us and we strive to prepare our children and equip them with the skills, knowledge and confidence to continue their learning journey.


'Whiteheath students come to Haydon with a passion for English. They are determined readers and confident writers, eager to learn the new skills to allow them to advance and thrive in Haydon's ambitious English curriculum.' 

Mr S Matton Head of Haydon English


'Whiteheath students demonstrated an excellent knowledge and understanding of science when they visited the Haydon Science Department and performed an actual KS3 chemistry experiment involving acids, alkalis and colour changes. They also were supportive of each other and demonstrated strong teamwork skills. Teachers in the department were very impressed!

Mr B Mahoney - Leader of Teacher Training and High Academic Performers


'As the leader of year 7, I have been hugely impressed by the students from Whiteheath. They display resilience as learners and respect for the school community. They come to Haydon ready to make the most of the wide-range of opportunities open to them. They are not scared to try new things.'

Ms A Thompson - Head of Year 7


Close liaison with all secondary schools ensures that all needs of our older children are met accordingly.

Year 6 teaching staff share their knowledge about each child with their future schools and provide detailed information in response to secondary school requests.


Transition Events

  • Open sessions and parents evenings in September and October – parents to look out for dates for Secondary Schools of interest
  • Deadline for Secondary applications in October
  • Confirmation of school place announced in March
  • Transition paperwork completed by WHJS in April/May – requested and varies between Secondary Schools
  • Handover of Child Protection/Safeguarding Information 
  • Year 6 staff and SLT meet with Secondary teams as requested in May/June- discussions about all children
  • Transition days in June/July – an opportunity for children to visit their new setting – organised and communicated to parents by the Secondary Schools
  • Transition groups for specific children who may benefit from additional support 
  • SENCO liaison for children with an EHCP or identified as SEN support


Other ways we support transition to secondary school at WHJS:

  • A series of carefully planned lessons about transition taught in the summer term of year 6 including:
    • What are you looking forward to and what are you worried about?
    • Identifying your support networks
    • Travelling to school
    • Being organised and reading the timetable
    • Making new friends
    • Knowing your new school
  • Attendance at the Hillingdon Junior Citizen event
  • Road safety workshops
  • Sorted workshop on the dangers of alcohol and drug abuse
  • Bikeability course available in the Autumn term
  • Opportunities to attend residential trip to build independence
  • Year 6 prefect roles available to build responsibility

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