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Geography Learning Apps for Free

Geo Challenge App (Android, iPhone, iPad but with in-app purchases and adverts – Age 7+)

Geo Challenge is a fun and challenging world geography quiz game with beautiful graphics and animation to test your geography knowledge of the world. This exciting geography game comes with 4 mini-quiz to test your knowledge in 4 categories: country flags, country borders, major cities of the world and famous landmarks around the world.



GeoBee Challenge by National Geographic (iPad, Android – Age 9+)

The application from National Geographic is targeted at kids around the age of 9-13 years. However, this application is not suitable for beginners as some of the quizzes might be a little challenging. This amazing tool provides an excellent platform for testing the learner’s knowledge of world geography. It also allows them to pinpoint the exact location of various cities in the world.



Map of our World (iPhone, iPad – Age 12+)

‘Maps of our world’ is not only an entertaining educational game but also a valuable reference tool for people of all ages looking to expand their Geography knowledge. In fact, this is the first geography app for the iPad that offers comprehensive physical maps with features like rivers, mountains and deserts of the world!  Upon entry of Our World, you are presented with some interesting facts like the number of countries in the world, the total population and the area of the globe in km squared.  Political map is a plain map where countries are shown by clear and distinct lines. Here you learn where the top countries and cities are located around the world. Physical map is the most challenging. Here you have an image of the world in its natural, geographical state with faint lines separating countries and one has to learn where the top rivers, lakes, seas, mountains and deserts are located. 



Planet Geo  (iPhone, iPad – Age 3+)

Planet Geo - geography App is a game and information app that tests children’s knowledge of many countries, dozens of cities, and UNESCO's World Heritage Sites, in eight language. Children are given the option to play up to 6 interactive games.



Geo Touch: Learn Geography (iPhone, iPad – Age 5+)

Geo Touch: Learn Geography app takes a kinesthetic approach to app learning, players place countries into a map like pieces in a puzzle. Geo Touch is good for learning the countries of the world, but doesn’t have every single country in the world. The quizzes reinforce the new and old info as they are cumulative. The app also allows you to learn capitals and flags of various countries.



Mobo Kids Puzzle World (Android, iPhone, iPad – Age 2+)

Puzzle World is an app designed to help your child with geography. The app has a number of countries to discover each with colourful illustrations and fitting puzzle parts, related to the culture and iconic features. Children learn about national traditions, geography, anthems, country flags and monuments.