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School Motto, Aims and Values

Pupils, parents, staff and governors were all consulted when agreeing the school motto, aims and core values for Whiteheath Junior School. Our motto, aims and values are at the core of everything we do.


School Motto


At Whiteheath Junior School our motto is ‘Opportunity, Confidence, Growth’. 


School Aims


Our aims are based on the 3 key words in our motto.  They underpin our teaching and learning, and provide an environment which prepares our pupils as confident, happy citizens.


  • Opportunity - providing a range of experiences to enable children to gain in-depth knowledge and learn valuable skills
  • Confidence - encouraging self-belief and self-worth by recognizing the unique qualities of each child
  • Growth - helping our children to develop into mature, well-rounded young people who are prepared for their future in an ever changing world


Core Values


Underpinning the aims are our core values.  These instill an understanding in pupils about what they need to do to be a good member of our school community. The values are based on 4 respects - ‘respect for learning’, ‘respect for myself’, ‘respect for others’ and ‘respect for the school’.  They are based on our strong belief of what we want every child in the school to be.


I will do my best to show ‘respect for learning’

Get to school on time

Always bring the right equipment

Listen carefully and know what to do

Do my very best in all my work


I will do my best to show ‘respect for myself’

Be honest

Know that I can talk about my feelings

Use my time well

Eat healthily, be active


I will do my best to show ‘respect for others’ 

Always be kind, friendly and thoughtful

Listen to other people’s views and suggestions

Make it easy for others to do well

Keep yourself and others safe


I will do my best to show ‘respect for the school’

Take pride in your school uniform

Look after the school and its grounds

Be a role model for the school

Let people know that Whiteheath Junior School is the best