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How to Support Your Child

1. Practice

Learning a language is like learning to play an instrument - practice, practice, practice!


2. Teach each other 

Ask your child to teach you to say something new in the language every day. Explaining is learning - let your child laugh at your mangled pronunciation and correct you.


3. Websites

Use the websites in the useful website section to help support your child’s learning


4. Use Labels

It is easy to find or make labels for everyday objects with either the English and Spanish words for the item or with just the Spanish word. Not only does this help to focus on the day-to-day vocabulary you use, but it will also support your child learning to read and write in Spanish.


5. Make it about culture

If your child struggles with traditional styles of learning, a change of perspective can help. Research Spain and other Spanish-speaking countries together, and let them pick the language up as a bi-product of your cultural explorations.


6. Cooking!

You could visit the supermarket, identify imported foods, and decode the labels. Then go online and look for recipes in Spanish, using the same ingredients.


7. Read Bilingual English/Spanish books 

Seek out children’s books that are printed in both English and Spanish to read and enjoy together.