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International Schools Partnership

Whiteheath Junior School has been involved in international linking since November 2021. The first project began when initial contact was made with schools from Australia and Canada during our Humanities Week. Since then, a further international link with New Zealand has established. 


What are the Benefits of School Linking?

At Whiteheath Junior School, we understand the importance of children learning about places and people from all around the world in order to gain an understanding of the rich and varied world we live in.  We aim to help our children to develop an understanding of their roles as global citizens. 

We want our children to:

  1. Appreciate diversity both locally and globally and to challenge stereotypes. We hope they will understand that difference is something to be celebrated and that learning about other people and the countries they live in is an exciting thing to do. It is vital that we prepare our children to live in a diverse and multi-cultural community.
  2. Have opportunities to communicate with and learn from international peers from a different culture and helps them develop confidence and self-esteem, as well as practical skills to work towards a fairer world.



Partnerships in September 2022

We are very pleased to announce that our strong link with New Zealand will continue and more projects will be completed and shared with each other. We say goodbye to our current partnership with our Canada school, however, there are plans to make new links with another school in Canada, which is very exciting. As for Australia, they wish to continue to make links with us and will slowly produce projects for us to see. 

In our video gallery, you will find two videos which we have shared with our international partner schools - a comparison video about our school, and a video created by our Year 3s about their work on the Tin Forest.