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Road Safety

Walk to School


At Whiteheath, we promote walking to school.  Children complete a travel tracker and earn certificates and badges for their efforts.  Not only does walking benefit the children through exercise, it also helps us to keep Whiteheath Avenue safe.


Road Safety

At Whiteheath we promote Road Safety.  Children are taught about Road Safety through links with the Borough and our Junior Road Safety Officers.  Year 3 children are given pedestrian training and Year 6 participate in ‘Moving On’ workshops.


How Parents can help us promote Road Safety

·         Please avoid parking on the zig zag lines and double yellow lines during drop off and pick up times.

·         Please encourage your children to get out of cars on the pavement side during drop off and pick up times.

·         Please drive slowly down Whiteheath Avenue and be aware of children crossing.

·         Please let the school office know if you car share or are interested in car sharing as this helps us to reduce           traffic on Whiteheath Avenue.



If you’re interested in cycling and want to find out about cycle routes near you, please click on the link below to request a free cycling map for your area.


Hillingdon Council offer FREE cycling lessons for anyone 16+ living in the borough who would like to gain confidence on the road, or those looking to return to cycling who haven't ridden for a while. The training can be on a one to one basis, with couples or even in a group! Sign up here!