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Spring Term

Find below a selection of activities for each subject. There is a range of written, creative and ICT based tasks to choose from.



  • Support your child in practicing formal methods of multiplication and division. Examples of these methods can be found on the crib sheets on the school website.

  • Convert between different units of metric measure (for example, kilometre and metre; centimetre and metre; centimetre and millimetre; gram and kilogram; litre and millilitre)


Useful Websites: - explanation of written methods for short division - questions and games to practice formal methods of multiplication and division/converting units of measure – age appropriate   




  • Prepare a poem by heart to perform to an audience. Think about volume, pace and actions.

  • Try to read a news article each day on



  • Work through that has been set up by teachers

  • Revise/practise spellings from Year 3/4/5/6 National curriculum word list

  • Read 5 pages of your favourite book and write down every unknown word you see. Now look up the definitions and try to write your own sentence using each of the words.

  • Write a short story of your choice (500 words) – you could use ideas/pictures from Literacy Shed to help you.


Useful Websites: - pictures and videos to help inspire creativity




Water and the Water Cycle

  • Research a recent incident of flooding in the UK and write a report detailing what happened, why and the affect it has had on the people who live there. 

  • Create a model to demonstrate the water cycle – see website for ideas -



  • Research a famous scientist of your choice. Write a diary from that scientist’s perspective, imagining how it would have felt to be working towards a discovery and one day achieving it.

  • Create an information poster explaining the different methods that can be used to separate mixtures.  


Useful Websites: - information on what floods are - introduction to separating mixtures