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Spring Term

Find below a selection of activities for each subject. There is a range of written, creative and ICT based tasks to choose from.



  • In preparation for our unit on money, please give your child a range of money and ask them to add the total (this should involve notes and coins).  Give them items they could buy and ask them how much change they would receive if they were at the shop.
  • Continue to support your child telling the time and converting between digital time and analogue.  Ask what the time is now on an analogue clock and how that would look on a digital clock and vice versa.
  • Continue to practice timetables every day, asking your child to recite the number sentences for 2’s, 5’s, 10’s, 3’s, 4’s and 8’s.  They could write this down or do it verbally.  The children could also practice these on TTRS.


Useful Websites: - games, videos and explanations to help children learn how to tell the time - activities to support children with calculating change  - age appropriate games for every topic




  • Prepare a poem by heart to perform to an audience. Think about volume, pace and actions.
  • Try to read a news article each day on



  • Work through that has been set up by teachers
  • Revise/practise spellings from Year 3/4 National curriculum word list
  • Read 5 pages of your favourite book and write down every unknown word you see. Now look up the definitions and try to write your own sentence using each of the words.
  • Write a short story of your choice – you could use ideas/pictures from Literacy Shed to help you.


Useful Websites: - pictures and videos to help inspire creativity






  • Research a famous scientist of your choice. Write a diary from that scientist’s perspective, imagining how it would have felt to be working towards a discovery and one day achieving it.
  • Research living things and create your own classification key. This could be for your own imaginary animals, selection of trees, plants, insects etc. (include pictures/photographs).  


Useful Websites: - information about biomes  - information about classification keys