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Class E-mail Addresses

These are the e-mail addresses for your child’s class teacher.  This can be used in the same way as the home-link book for every day communication.  However, if you wish to:


  • Inform the office AND the class teacher of your child’s illness, absence, or dental appointment etc., please do, as normal, by telephoning the office and leaving a message on the absence line or for planned appointments, in letter format.
  • If you require an urgent response, please telephone the office.


We will endeavour to respond to the e-mails within a 24 hour period, during normal working hours from Monday to Friday, depending on the nature of the e-mail.  However, as you are all aware, technical issues can occur unexpectedly, so please be patient with the staff.  Therefore, if you wish to contact your class teacher, please e-mail them at the following address:


E-mails (September 2018)

Willow            Mrs Haddow                    

Ash                  Mrs Prioli                          

Oak                  Miss Morgan                   

Maple             Mrs Kotze/Mrs Fremantle

Beech              Miss Griggs                      

Elm                  Mr Ventin                        

Yew                 Mrs Mendez                    

Apple              Mrs Collier/Mrs Robert 

Birch                Mr Ward                         

Poplar             Mrs Manfredi                 

Pine                 Miss Bangs                      

Juniper            Mr Smith                         



Finally, if you do not have access to the internet, please continue to use the Home Link Book.